Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

A very happy New Year 2010 to all readers of the Rome EFL Blog!

And I hope you all managed to have a very nice break, without too much inconvenience. The severe winter weather in Europe continues to make news headlines.

Today I'm going to give you the answers to the most recent Six Minute English listening exercise:
1. The oldest contestant was 84.
2. Talent shows are events in which people demonstrate their skills in a particular area. In this case it's singing.
3. People participate in talent shows because they want to be famous.
4. Neil finds the music 'too mainstream' for his taste. By this he means that the music is too ordinary and unoriginal.
5. Pete Waterman says that Simon Cowell has an 'ego' and is 'driven'. This means that he has a very strong, self-centred personality, and is focused on a particular objective.
6. A 'single' is just one song, while an 'album' is a collection of songs in a particular format.
7. The participants' careers tend to be 'short-lived'; that is, they do not last very long. Notice the spelling of 'career', not 'carrer' as some of you wrote. It's pronounced 'ker-rier' with the accent on the second syllable. Unfortunately I can't use the International Phonetic Symbols on this blog.

Honourable Mentions go to Sabrina, Savina and Anna. Thanks to all three of you for participating, and well done for getting the answers right.

But where was everyone else??? That is the question! With 107 students in my various classes, and many more former students reading this blog, I hope in future that crowds of people will be joining us.

Don't forget: whether you are a current student or a former student, you are strongly encouraged to participate in this blog. Visit the sites listed down the right-hand column, and tell us about your experiences by leaving a message on the Tag Board or in a comment.

I plan very soon to add another Six Minute English exercise. Watch this space.
More soon and kind regards to you all from

 - Mike

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