Monday, December 07, 2009

Laughter Yoga: The Answers

Hello everyone! Just a short update for now.

Laughter Yoga on Six Minute English: you can find the answers in the Comments section below the previous post.

Many thanks to Savina, Anna, Mario and Alessandra for their answers.

Thanks also to Marina and Christian for their messages on the Tag Board.

It is clear that you all want more listening exercises. So watch this space. Later this week, I'll give you another listening exercise, most likely from Six Minute English.

However, don't neglect "Words In The News". Here's my suggested procedure for pronunciation practice.

1. Have a tape recorder or digital voice recorder ready.
2. Play "Words In The News", and read the lext as you listen.
3. Now switch on your recorder. Read the text yourself. Imagine you are a real newsreader. Imitate not only the pronunciation, but also the intonation, stress and pauses.
4. Listen to the BBC voice again.
5. Now listen to your own recording. Are there any differences? Make a note of them.
6. Now read and record the text again.
7. Listen again to the official voice.
8. Listen to your second recording.
Have you made any corrections?

Don't worry about this. Achieving good pronunciation takes time and practice. Try the above exercise once a week, and then twice a week when you gain confidence.

And don't worry about listening to your own voice. We all hate our own recorded voices, just as we often hate looking at our own photos, and for similar reasons. Do this exercise in the privacy of your own room, and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Tell us all about it in a message on the Tag Board, in an e-mail to me, or when we next meet.

Of course, if you are not studying at the British Council Rome, then I recommend this exercise anyway.

More soon,

- Mike


Giovanni said...

1) Anne Frank's Diary has been read by 31 million people.
2) Neil had tried to keep a diary, but now he doesn't keep any diary.
3) Generally people keeps a diary for confide his private things.

Giovanni said...

Hi there
here are a different answer for question number three (it sound better for me)
3) People keeps a diary for many different reasons. The main reasons are: for tell somebody what's happened concerning the private things, or what you are wishing in a particular moment or in a specific situation, what you think about a specific argument . . etc.