Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The meanings of "get"

Hello everyone.
In my last post I asked you to deduce the various meanings of "get" from a list of occurrences generated by the Concordancer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. The only person to reply so far has been Claudio, who has given a list of phrasal verbs with "get".

So here is a short list of sample sentences from the Comcordancer, with the meaning of "get" below each sentence:

  1. plot about a Bronx mother-of-three who gets a job to bail out her philandering hu get = "obtain"
  2. re is a link between star signs and who gets along with whom. Even those dubious a get along = "have a good relationship"
  3. at 1,000m in the eastern Alps probably gets as much snow as a resort at 1, 500m ( gets = "becomes"
  4. union. This is where the debate gets interesting. When the Bank governor w gets = "becomes"
That's all I have time for right now! Can you do the rest?s classes are all downstairs, but as he gets older his year group will also be tau
  2. used after she saw a couple with a baby getting into a car. She told The Sun: "I s
  3. ther about providing he goes to bed and gets up at reasonable hours. 3. A s
  4. " "I wouldn't like to think that I was getting you down." "No, don't worry about i
  5. e Rolling Stones, and they shouldn't be getting married in the first place — modern
  6. well. IDEAL FOR A BREAK If your idea of getting away from it all is relaxation, the best o
  7. tends to press ahead with its policy of getting rid of 15,000 staff a year over the next t
  8. e tonight." "Umm, well, I think we were getting a taxi." "Please; let me. Please. Fiona. Y
Write your answers in a comment or on the Tag Board, quoting the question number. Thank you!
 - Mike



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