Friday, November 27, 2009

Laughter Yoga on Six Minute English

Hello everyone.
If you are a Level 3 or Intermediate student, and you're using 'New English File Intermediate', you may recall unit 5A, in which you hear an expert giving advice on How To Slow Your Life Down.

One of his 'tips' is: "Forget the gym. Do yoga instead." It so happens that a recent edition of Six Minute English is devoted to "Laughter Yoga", and I would like to share it with you.

Read the questions before you listen. To start with, here's the official question as set out on the site:

1. In which Indian city did Laughter Yoga originate? Was it
(a) Delhi
(b) Darjeeling
(c) Mumbai

Some more questions: fill the spaces with one or two words. Each _____ indicates one word.

2. Indian expert Dr. Madan Kataria's exercises combine ________ (one word) with _______  __________ . (two words)

3. "Endorphins" are a chemical released in the _______, and which make us feel ________ and _______ .

4. BBC reporter Rob Crossen went to India to try out 'laughter yoga'. What, for him, were the health benefits?

5. How, according to Rob Crossen, do you 'laugh for not reason at all'?

6. Did Rob Crossen enjoy 'laughter yoga'? Why? or why not? as the case may be.

When you have listened to the programme, write your answers to the questions in the Comments at the end of this message. For questions 4, 5 and 6, just write short answers.

Please note that whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are always welcome to use this blog, try out the sites and exercises and post comments. You can be a student of English anywhere, or even just an interested visitor. You are always welcome to participate.

All for now! Back again next week.

 - Mike


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,I'm continuing here to answer to the questions about "Laughter Yoga":
4) Rob Crossen found incredible benefits in laughter yoga because laughter can boost the immune system acting as anesthetic, burning off calories . It's a good exercise to relax.
5)You laugh for not reason when you don't need a sense. the idea is you laugh deliberately at silly and trivial thinks tha you normally don't find funny.
6)Rob Crossen enjoyed laughter yoga with a group of 30-40 people because laughter became incredibly contagious together so many people, and suddenly they found themselves convulsed in laughter.

It's all!! Bye


Michael Ivy said...

Answers to the questions on 'Laughter Yoga':

1. Laughter Yoga started in Mumbai.
2. Dr Madan Kataria's exercises combine laughter with yogic breathing.
3. Endorphins are a chemical released in the brain and make us feel relaxed and energetic.
4. For Rob Crossen, laughter boosts the immune system.
5. You can laugh deliberately at silly or trivial things. People look you in the eye and start laughing. It is incredibly contagious.
6. Rob Crossen definitely enjoyed laughter yoga.

yoga for beginners said...

Laughter is the best medicine plus yoga and exercise. :)