Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome To All Students

   Hello everyone. This is the first general message of the new academic year at the British Council Rome.
   But I am also addressing anyone who is visiting this Blog. It does not matter whether or not you are studying English at The British Council. You are all equally welcome to explore this Blog and contribute to it.
   The aim of this Blog is to encourage people to maintain their contact with English in their spare time, between lessons or even during holidays. The Blog displays links to many web sites of great use to you, as a student.
   The sites are listed down the right-hand column and are organised in various categories. Do please take time to check out the listening and video category. This Blog emphasises the importance of listening. Many students complain they do not get enough practice in this area. This Blog attempts to correct this problem.
   Right now, you can go to the second posting on the Blog, dated October 15, and answer the questions on 'Spider Invasion' after listening to the programme.
   If you are a current student at The British Council, scroll down to "Web sites for New English File". Look for your book, and click on the appropriate link. You will find a large collection of practice exercises for your level.
   I will be posting regular messages, at least once a week, so please return to this space regularly. Don't forget to add this site to your favorites.
   More very soon,

   - Mike

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Anonymous said...

welcome back, thanks as usual for your effort