Friday, October 02, 2009

A new academic year starts...

... at the British Council Rome. As before, this Blog will continue to provide you with ideas on how to exploit the Internet in ways which will help you improve your English.

The emphasis at the moment is on Listening. And if you'd like to see the correct answers to the listening exercise about the young Dutch sailor, read the Comments section at the end of the posting about her.

Now here's a further exercise, from Six Minute English, on "The Digital Divide". Read the questions first:

1. (Official question):
How many people over the age of 15 in Britain today are not online? Is it
a) 7 million?
b) 17 million?
c) 30 million?

2. The "Digital Divide" means .... [write a few words to complete the definition].

3. For what reasons do some people not want to use the Internet?

4. Why, according to Martha Lane Fox, is it important for people to get online?

listen to the programme. Then give your answers by posting them on the Tag Board or by putting them in a comment - preferable, as there is more space.

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More soon,
- Mike

1 comment:

Serena said...

Hi Mike! I’m Serena. Do you remember me? I finished the intensive course (Level 3B) last September and I’ve started Level 4 last Saturday.
I’ll try to answer:

1. b

2. The gap between people who access to digital technology and people who don’t want to get themself on line

3. They aren’t interesting in Internet because the access is too expensive and they’ve got other things to spend time

4. To get online it’s important for people to be engaged in public services and to have information

Bye bye