Thursday, October 22, 2009


My friends,
Sorry for my recent absence from The Blog. I am back now and will be posting more exercises and pointers to help you optimise your use of the WWW to help you learn and practise your English.
For the moment, let me give you the answers to the recent quiz questions on Spider Invasion. They are:

1) The answer is (c) - forty thousand, much to the horror of one of the speakers. And there may be thousands more undiscovered species.
2) Harmless!
3) A combination of environmental factors: last year's wet autumn and this year's temperate summer.
4) He went 'cold turkey' using a technique called 'flooding'. In other words, he cured himself instantly by putting a very large spider on his hand.
5) Within three hours, using hypnosis.
6) Over eighty per cent.

Many thanks to former student Serena and current student Flavia of level 3B who got the right answers. Now listen again and compare the answers with what you hear.

And if you like wildlife, have a look at the winning photos in a recent competition organised by the BBC. I very much liked the winner, which shows a Spanish wolf.

What techniques did the photographers use to capture each image?
More soon,
 - Mike

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