Sunday, September 20, 2009

New-look Blog

For some time I have been promising changes to the appearance of this blog. It's essential for web sites to change their appearance from time to time to avoid looking static.

So I have changed the image at the top of the blog. I welcome any comments on the choice of picture. And I'd like to invite you to contribute your own images. If you have a picture which captures the essence of Rome, and which would look good at the top of the Blog, just send it to me. Use this address:

Your picture should be in JPEG format and should be 760 pixels wide to fit the width of this page. It should not be too deep - about 200 pixels is fine. Please leave some space at the top for the "Rome English Blog" title. Don't worry if the 760-pixel width causes distortion, as it has done in the current image. Distortion can look artistic.

If you like, I can put your name at the bottom of the picture so that you are credited, as in Photo by Michael Ivy.

At the beginning of the week I'll add another "Six Minute English" comprehension exercise. And I'll draw your attention to further web sites which could greatly help you to practise your English.
More soon,
- Mike

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