Friday, September 25, 2009

A Dutch Girl's Ambition

Six Minute English describes how a Dutch girl's ambition to sail round the world by herself was halted by the Dutch authorities. They said that at the age of thirteen she was too young.

Before you listen, read these questions:

1. (Official question):
Some ambitious parents encourage their children to become the youngest to accomplish a gruelling (in other words, extremely exhausting) feat. Which phrase do you think she uses to describe this? Is it
a) a rat race to become a 'superchild';

b) a mousetrap for child competitors, or
c) a three-legged race?

2. What precise reason did the Dutch authorities give when they stopped Laura from sailing round the world?

3. Does Julie Thomas, of the Children's Legal Centre, agree with this decision? How do we know?

Now listen to the programme and give your answers in a Comment.

And now for your opinion. Do you think the Dutch authorities were right to stop her? Why (not)?

Coming soon: "The Digital Divide" on Six Minute English.

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Serena said...


1. a

2. The Dutch girl's ambition depends on parents' ambitions

3. Julie Thomson disagrees with authorities’ decision because she thinks the society doesn’t have a role protecting children

I think that is important to encourage children’s dreams, but in this case I agree with authorities’ decision because the girl’s ambition is dangerous.

Bye bye


Mike said...

Hi Serena,

Thanks very much for your comment.

1 (a) is correct.

I am not sure about your answers to (2) and (3). Listen again, and you may change your answers.

Your own opinion is expressed very clearly and correctly.

I hope this helps.