Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Authentic Listening

Hello everyone.

In our current Level 3 Intermediate course at the British Council Rome, we have been exploring the idea of experimentally changing your job and doing something completely different.

We saw the example of a young girl working as a librarian who was trained, in one month, to become a tough, professional politcal reporter on TV.

To follow up this lesson, I demonstrated the BBC Radio 4 website for the "Today" programme. The "Today" programme, which is broadcast (or which "goes out") every morning on British domestic radio, often carried interviews with politicians. Occasionally these lead to quite heated discussions.

We started watching Lord Ashdown, former head of the Liberal Democrats, giving his views on the future of British involvement in Afghanistan, but did not have time to listen to everything. So I am giving you the link: click here to go straight to the interview with Lord Ashdown.

Tell me how much you understood - leave a comment or post to the Tag Board. Use the Comments for longer answers.

And do explore the rest of the Today Programme site.

More soon,

- Mike


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm matteo!! If I understood well they talk about the fact of sending other troops without a strategy is not a good idea.
Then Mr Brown failed explaining people why it is necessary to send troops.
The gov must focus on concluding war in Afghanistan (with draw or succes?).
They need to find a strategy to success.

Mike said...

Dear Matteo,

I think you have got the basic message.

While it would be very time consuming to write out a transcript of the interview with Lord Ashdown, you can at least use the "rewind" control to repeat parts of the interview.

I'd like to encourage as many people as possible to use the Radio 4 listening site.

Many thanks for your message.