Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Six Minutes, Six Questions...

... on Six Minute English.

As it's summer, we're going to listen to the BBC's Learning English site on getting a sun tan and why it is so popular, especially in the UK.

Read the questions first:

1. Official question from the site: Which designer made it fashionable to have tanned skin?
a) Yves St. Laurent
b) Coco Chanel
c) Gianni Versace

2. Why is tanning so popular in the UK?
3. Why can we sometimes see very deeply-tanned people in mid-winter?
4. What were people's attutudes to tanning a hundred years ago in the UK?
5. How does Ilda De Vico get her sun tan?
6. How does she feel about being brown?

Now listen to Six Minute English and try to answer the questions. Post your (short) answers on the Tag Board or in the Comments section below this post.

And that's all for now. If I have an opportunity I will post something during the holidays, but I am now off until 1 September.

So have a very good summer holiday wherever you are.

However, don't forget to maintain your contact with English. It could be through this blog, or reading and DVDs, or through people you meet. All methods work.

And even if you are no longer doing a course with us, you are always welcome to use this Blog.

See you in September.

Ciao4now - Mike

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