Monday, July 20, 2009

"Like and "As" ' The Answers!

Dear All,

Here are the answers to the "like" / "as" quiz of a few days ago:

  1. And, like Sir Geoffrey and Mr Heseltine, he routinely sets up federalism as a straw man to knock down.
  2. Astonishingly, they both work full time, Jenny as a district nurse, Michael a doctor.
  3. Cambridge boss Ian Atkins described his team's performance against Portsmouth on Saturday as " disgraceful".
  4. Does it look like a begonia?
  5. Guthrie was not prepared to accept what seemed like being the total demise of Sadler's Wells Opera.
  6. He said that they behaved like "wild dogs" when they broke up a peaceful demonstration by schoolchildren.
  7. I cried like a baby every time I tried to close my eyes.
  8. I don't know anything about Gary as a footballer but he's got nice legs.
  9. January is traditionally thought of as a bleak month.
  10. Publishers rarely, if ever, charge for personal things like Christmas cards.
  11. Senna struggled for a long time with what he later described as an undriveable car.
  12. The news comes as a shot in the arm for players and supporters.
  13. Are the standards of Germany are to be imposed on countries like Britain?
  14. Watching it as a professional I had to be concerned about poor defending. [a football report]
  15. What will it look like after the honeymoon?

Coming up: a final Six Questions for Six Minute English, the last before I go away on holiday later this week. Watch this space!


- Mike

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