Friday, July 10, 2009

6-Minute English: The Answers

Hello everyone!

As promised, here are the answers to the Six Minute on House Swapping:

1. The right answer is the USA. Fifteen per cent of house swappers chose the U.S., twelve per cent the U.K., and eleven chose Australia.

2 (a) "free" and (b) "become somebody else." or "inhabit/live someone else's life"

3. (a) "accommodation" and (b) "vehicle" or "car".

4. The two types of accommodation mentioned were "houseboat" and "apartment".

5. You "don't have to live out of a suitcase".

6. "local" and "tourist".

Congratulations to José Maria and Gianfranco. Sorry Giorgia: you got question 1 wrong, but you did very well on the other questions. So let's organise an evening out soon and I'll buy a round of drinks for those who got the right answers.

While we're on the subject of listening, I am just looking at the Learning English page on the BBC. And there's a good section on Listening and Pronunciation. See it here. For current Level 6A students, I recommend doing Unit 6, "Eating Out", as it is very close to what we have been doing in our book. Concentrate on word stress as you listen What kinds of words are stressed? Try the Speak 1 exercise in order to practise.

For everyone else, try all the listenings and exercises.

Finally, let's try something quite different. We have been discussing the difference between 'like' and 'as'. When do you use which? Here is a short exercise that I have taken from the Concordancer:
  1. And, _____ Sir Geoffrey and Mr Heseltine, he routinely sets up federalism as a straw man to knock down.
  2. Astonishingly, they both work full time, Jenny _____ a district nurse, Michael a doctor.
  3. Cambridge boss Ian Atkins described his team's performance against Portsmouth on Saturday _____ " disgraceful".
  4. Does it look _____ a begonia?
  5. Guthrie was not prepared to accept what seemed _____ being the total demise of Sadler's Wells Opera.
  6. He said that they behaved _____ "wild dogs" when they broke up a peaceful demonstration by schoolchildren.
  7. I cried _____ a baby every time I tried to close my eyes.
  8. I don't know anything about Gary _____ a footballer but he's got nice legs.
  9. January is traditionally thought of _____ a bleak month.
  10. Publishers rarely, if ever, charge for personal things _____ Christmas cards.
  11. Senna struggled for a long time with what he later described _____ an undriveable car.
  12. The news comes _____ a shot in the arm for players and supporters.
  13. Are the standards of Germany are to be imposed on countries _____ Britain?
  14. Watching it _____ a professional I had to be concerned about poor defending. [a football report]
  15. What will it look _____ after the honeymoon?

"As" or "Like" ?

I look forward to your answers!

More soon - Mike

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José María said...

1: like / 2: as / 3: as / 4: like / 5: like / 6: like / 7: like / 8: as / 9: as / 10: like / 11: as / 12: like / 13: like / 14: as / 15: like