Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Six Questions for Six Minute English.

Hello everyone. This week I have chosen "House Swap" from 6 Minute English.
A house swap is when, on holiday, you exchange your house for someone else's in a foreign country. Supposing you want to go to London for a holiday, and you know a family in London who want to come to Rome. No worries! Instead of spending a fortune in a hotel, you arrange to exchange, or swap, houses. Do you know anyone who has done this?

In 6 Minute English, the speakers discuss this idea, and you will hear from people who have had this experience. Before you listen, look through these questions:

1. Official Question: According to a recent survey, which is the most popular destination for UK home swaps?
a) Australia
b) UK
c) USA

2. The first woman you hear likes home swapping because:
a) it's ________; (one word)
b) it's a great opportunity to _____ ______ _____ ____ . (up to four words)

3. Home swapping is cheap because you don't have to pay for:
a) ________________ (one word)
b) a ________ (one word)

4. The woman speaker mentions a "wide range of options" when you are house-swapping. Which two does she mention on this list?
(a) a houseboat; (b) a cottage; (c) an apartment; (d) a town house: (e) a penthouse.

5. In the family who spoke, the girl liked house swapping because "you don't .........." Complete the sentence according to what you hear.

6. The man said, "... you can feel like a _______ , not like a ________ ."

Now listen to Six Minute English!

Answer the questions by writing in the Comments section below this message. You could write on the Tag Board as well, but space is limited.

I'll buy an 'aperitivo' for the first person who gets all the questions right!

Have you tried the idea I suggested for pronunciation practice, using the BBC's "Words In The News"? Try it now. Read the piece about Michael Jackson's death. Record your voice on a tape or other recording device. Listen to the newsreader, then listen to your recording. What differences did you notice? You can tell us about it in a message on the Tag Board.

More next week! - Mike


José María said...

1: USA

2/a: free
2/b:live someone else's life

3/a: accommodation
3/b: vehicle

4: a houseboat / an apartment

5: you don't have to live out of a suitcase.

6: a local / a tourist

GianfrancoFormer4B said...

Hi all, here are my answers about house swapping.

1. The right answer about the usual official question of the audioclip is the USA.
Infact, as precisely said, the 15% of respondents prefer to go there.

2. a) it's FREE
b) it's a great opportunity to LIVE SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE


4. The two types of building mentioned are the houseboat and tha apartment

5.In the family who spoke, the girl liked house swapping because "you don't

6. The man said, "... you can feel like a LOCAL, not like a TOURIST."

And finally, speaking about Home swapping... I have never known someone who swop his home,
but I have watched a lot of programmes about this topic on TV, and I find it really interesting.
Who knows!... When I will buy a house it could be an opportunity to take INTO consideration.

Bye bye

Mike said...

Thanks José Maria and Gianfranco!

An 'aperitivo' for both of you if we go out after work one evening! :-)

I am especially glad to see former students still following this Blog.

- Mike