Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Leave a Comment

Hello everyone.

Here's a brief reply to an enquiry: someone has asked how to leave a Comment on this Blog.

Most people use the Tag Board when space is not a problem. For longer comments, or replies to specific posts (such as this one), there is a specific Comment link.

You'll find the Comment link just below any posting. It will show "Comments" and be preceded by a number indicating the number of comments already left - usually 0 (zero)!

1. Now, just click on the Comments link. A smaller, new window opens. Type your message in the Comment window.

3. Next, choose an Identity. The easiest options are Name/URL and Anonymous. In Name/URL, you just write your name. If you choose Anonymous, please do write your name at the end of your message, in the main message window. It is always nice to know who is leaving a comment.

4. Finally, you should be asked to read some characters displayed in coloured letters on the screen, and type those characters into a special window. This device prevents 'bots' and Spammers from automatically posting comments, often of a dubious nature.

5. Click on "Publish Your Comment" - or the equivalent, depending on the system language chosen for your computer's operating system.

That's it! Your comment will appear very shortly.

Recent comments have been written by:
Micaela, Peppe, Maria-Laura, David and former student Serena.
Recent Tags have been left by:
Andrea, Paola, Gianfranco, Alessandro, Giorgia, Peepe, Carolina and Gianni.

This is gr8, but there are many more people who could have left Comments or Tags.
Where are they??

More very soon,
- Mike


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resty said...

Most people use the Tag Board when space is not a problem.

widya said...

finally, i get it...thx

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