Friday, April 03, 2009

The April 1 Spaghetti Harvest

Watch the BBC video below and see if you can answer the questions:

1. What is unusual about this spring?

2. How do spaghetti farmers feel in the last two weeks of March?

3. Where is most of Italy's spaghetti grown?

4. How is the spaghetti harvest celebrated?

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More soon,

- Mike


Micaela said...

It's very difficult...

I try...

1) In the Ticino, on the borders of Switzerland and Italy, typical spring plants have flowered earlier than usual.
2)In the last two weeks of March spaghetti farmers feel anxious because the frost could damnage the crop and it becames difficult having top prices in the world markets.
3) Most of Italy's spaghetti is grown in Switzerland.
4) The spaghetti harvest is celebrated with a traditional meal: toasts to the new crop are drunk in boccalinos and after the cerimonial dish eneters. The cerimonial dish is composed by fresh spaghetti dried in the sun.

Micaela said...


3) Most of Italy's spaghetti grown is Switzerland