Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

Hello all. Here's the latest from Six Minute English on the BBC's Learning English web site.

Some of you have already listened to this piece. I have listened myself, and I offer you a simple comprehension exercise. If you haven't listened to this episode of Six Minute English yet, read the questions now. Then click on the link that I will supply after the questions. Post your answers in a comment, or, if they are short, on the Tag Board.

And if you have already listened, you might find it useful to listen again and try answering the questions.

Here they are:

Official question posed by the BBC:

1. What is the longest time someone has managed to go without sleep?
a) 20 days
b) 11 days
c) 3 days

Now for some more questions:

2. What are the main symptoms of not getting enough sleep? Give at least three adjectives in your answer.

3. What does "sleeping in" mean?

4. Lack of sleep is also associated with which physical problem?

Now click here to listen. Note that you can also download the recording as a podcast.

I look forward to reading your answers.


Peppe said...

Hi everyone.
The listening was interesting and useful to check my ability with spoken English.
I hope I can find some more "Six minutes..." in this blog.

Michael said...

Hi Peppe. I am glad you enjoyed the listening. Keep coming back for more - and leave a comment or Tagboard message every time. Remember, with listening you have to be patient, and practice is essential. You'll soon begin to notice and improvement if you keep at it.
Cheers... Mike

Micaela said...

Mi answers are:

1) b - 11 days

2)tetchy, stressed, sleepy

3)to sleep in means to spend longer than usual in bed

4) Lack of sleep is also associated with obesity



M.Laura said...

I think that the answeres are:

1) 11 days; 2)Hostile, stressed, tetchy ; 3) "Sleep in" means to sleep more than usual; 4) Lack of sleep has an association with obesity.

Have a good Easten!