Friday, March 27, 2009

More Online Papers and Journals

Hello everyone.

To last week's long list of English-language newspapers online, I would like to add two more. They are:

1. Kindly suggested by Alessandro of class 4B: The British Medical Journal. Alessandro is a medical student, so it is only natural that he should suggest this famous Journal. But I think you will find that there is something for everyone here.

2. The Financial Times. Again, this is a long-established newspaper, British in origin but international in its readership. And it isn't just about money. Have a look at the Weekend FT. There's plenty for everyone here too: from travel and art to books, property and fashion. They even talk about money - sometimes.

I buy the Weekend FT most, er, weekends. One of my favourite sections is known as Expat Lives. Here, each week, someone who has changed countries talks about the advantages and disadvantages, joys and fears of moving to another part of the world. Read the latest one here.

And that's all for now! More very soon - and keep using the Comments and Tagboard.

- Mike

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