Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Global English: The Press Online

Hello everyone.
A while ago, I promised to post links to newspapers in English from around the world. Reading the local press in various parts of the world brings you into contact with all sorts of cultures, as well as helping you to practise your English. And you may discover the subtle - and sometimes obvious - variations in the way English is written.

Let's start with the United Kingdom:

Daily newspapers include:

Here are some Sunday newspapers. These are an institution in the UK and can take all day to read in their printed form. They include:
Northern Ireland:

The Belfast Telegraph

Now for the United States:

Australian newspapers include:

India's English-language newspapers are too numerous to list, so here is a small selection:

Finally, a few newspapers from the rest of the world:

The Turkish Daily News

News Now

The Irish Times

Middle East Times

Saudi Arabia:
Arab News

For an exhaustive list of world newspapers in English, visit The Big Project.
For an exhaustive list of Indian newspapers, visit Indiapress.

Recommendation: try a newspaper from a different part of the world each week. Then write a comment, or post a message on the Tag Board. Say which newspaper you read, and why you liked it - or didn't. Give us a link to a story you found particularly interesting.


Anonymous said...

hallo mike.
I'm David (4a). your newspaper's list of the world is very intersting and full.
I have to read in my days of english training. Now, for my first visit on your blog, i'm beginning to listen "six minute english". Today i'll send you my presentation. It's on another pc (job's one). Thanks for your help.
Have good day

Mike said...

Excellent work David. I look forward to seeing your presentation. And I am sure you will find the newspapers and "Six Minute English" extremely valuable. Thank you for your comment and see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike! I usually read newspaper all around the world through the internet and I was looking for middle-est genuine news, this list is very useful

Serena (L7)

Mike said...

Glad to see you're still reading this blog Serena! Tell your classmates about the Blog - and they are welcome to use it and leave comments.