Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Six Minute English

A must for anyone wanting to practise their listening skills, Six Minute English on the BBC is a regular event. It consists of an interview or debate on a current piece of news or a topic of general interest.

This week it's about formality in the workplace. How smartly do you have to dress? Do you call your boss Mr. X, Signor Y, Herr A, Senor B, Monsieur or Madame Z, or can you address them by their first name?

You can reflect on personal experiences in your workplace, be they in Italy or any other country. Then when you listen, you can compare your ideas with those of the speakers.

On "Six Minute English", you can listen directly or download the podcast to your computer, MP3 player or Telefonino. There's also a short glossary to help you with certain unfamiliar expressions you may encounter. And you can even download the programme script in PDF format - recommended so that you can read what you heard.

And each "Six Minute English" programme comes with a question for you to think about when you begin. It will be answered at the end. This week it is: "How many people would prefer to be told what they had to wear at work?"

Click here to continue and listen to the current Six Minute English programme. As always, please do leave a message for everyone on the Tag Board, and tell us whether 6 Minute English was easy, difficult or elementary; and how it helped you to develop your listening skills. Or didn't, as the case may be.

Coming very soon: an online quiz based on the above programme. Watch this space!

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