Friday, February 06, 2009

Oral Exam Stress

Dear All,

Are you about to do an oral exam? This article, from the British Council's Learn English site, helps you combat the stress that we all feel when faced with any kind of exam.

There is some sound advice here. The article reminds us the Speaking and Listening skills are closely associated, so before a speaking exam, do plenty of listening practice. You should be doing this anyway at regular intervals. See the listening section in the list of sites in the right-hand column of this Blog.

Tip no. 4 is also especially valuable: concentrate on the questions the examiner is asking you, and you will forget about your stress. Remember, most examiners would prefer you to pass the exam, so they will help you to relax.

You can listen to the advice given, or read it - perhaps you should do both. And, when reading, do the comprehension activity by matching the questions to the tips.

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And explore the Learn English Professionals site: there is something here for everybody.

Many thanks to BC Rome colleague Alison Driver for this link.

- Mike

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