Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 Minute English Questions

If you have been listening to Six Minute English, which I mentioned in the previous post, here are a few comprehension questions to help you concentrate. Read these simple questions before listening again:

1. The presenters, Jackie and Neil, are on ______ _____ terms. (2 words)
2. In some restaurants you're not allowed to wear _______. (1 word)
3. Neil thinks that ____ per cent of people would like to be told what to wear at work. (1 word)
4. Neil says that the BBC is a _______ place to work but not ______ . (2 words)
5. Carrie has been at the BBC for nearly _______ years. (1 word)
6. Carrie had to call her first boss "_________ " Bowman. (1 word or abbreviation)
7. But Carrie's boss called his "underlings" (subordinates) by their ______ name. (1 word)
8. In Carrie's department she had to _______ ________ if she wanted to go to the toilet. (2 words)
9. What happens on a "dress-down Friday"? (a short phrase)
10. What percentage of people would prefer to be given a precise dress code? (write a number)
11. Neil says, "What I'm wearing at the moment is what I ____ ____ ____ ." (3 words)

I've made these questions as easy for you as I can! I've indicated the number of words needed to answer each question. Now you can listen to Six Minute English.

To answer these questions, use the "Comments" link on this page below this post. Simply write the number of the question, followed by the answer.

The first person to answer all the questions correctly will get an Honourable Mention in the next post. And maybe even a pint!

In due course I'll post the answers. But I want you to get the answers first.
More soon,
- Mike


Giordano (4A) said...

1 first name
2 jeans
3 5%
4 serious - formal
5 thirty
6 Mister (or Mr.)
7 first
8 ask permission
9 On Friday you can coming in you jeans, t-shirt whatever you want, it's less formal
10 85%
11 wore in bed

I paused the recording many times, but I didn't read the transcript.
This disappearing exercise is a perferct way to train our listening skill.
Keep it up, it is an oustanding blog!
Giordano - British Council Roma 4A.

Giordano 4A said...

I mispelled the answer number 9, it should have to be your jeans instead of "you jeans"
If I did other mistake please all to correct me:)

alessandro4a 19:30 said...

1)dress code 2) jeans 3) 5% 4)serious,formal 5)thirty 6)Mr 7)first 8)ask permision 9)you can wear less formal 10)85% 11)mmm i do n't understant this

Carlo 4A said...

1 dress code; 2 casual; 3 5%; 4 serious formal; 5thirty; 6Mr.; 7First; 8 ask permission; 9you can wear casual; 10 85%; 11 want to wear;

giorgia4b said...

-first name
-serious , formal
-ask permission
-during the rest of the week you have to wear formal dresses, but on friday you can wear in an casual way (not formal)
-wore in bed

M.Laura 4A said...

1. formality and like formality
2. jeans
3. 5%
4. serious, formal
5. thirty
6. Mr
7. first
8. ask permission
9. on friday you can go at work wearing in a unformal way
10. 85%
11. wore in bed

Grazia4b said...

1) first name
2) jeans
3) 5%
4) serious / formal
5) 30
6) Mister
7) first
8) ask permission
9) You can go to work wearing your jeans or whatever you want
10) 85%
11) wore in bed

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mike!
Could you tell us how many errors we did?
I am not sure about my number 1 and number 9.
I try to correct my previos version with this:

1 dress code (instead of first name)

2 jeans
3 5%
4 serious - formal
5 thirty
6 Mister (or Mr.)
7 first
8 ask permission

9 you can wear casual clothes at work on Fridays

10 85%
11 wore in bed

Thank you in advance!
Giordano 4A

brunella4B said...

I listened and listened again, but finally I had to read the script, in order to understand (almost)all words. I think the first answer is "first name", even because in "Vocabulary from the programme" this expression is linked with the final words "terms", as in our exercise.
By! brunella4B