Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Venice Floods

Dear All,

Here's a piece in the BBC's Learning English site, all about the recent floods in Venice. Read the text and listen at the same time. And check out the glossary, which will teach you new words and expressions.

I'm very happy that quite a lot of you are now leaving messages on the Tag Board. And Sara, from level 4, has even left a message at the bottom of the recent message about the terrorists in Mumbai. She says, "Interesting topic, I spent almost a hour in reading and watching reports."

Since 25 November comments have been left by:

Luigi, Iacopo, Ambra, Cecilia and Sara.

Well done! But where is everyone else??

More later this week.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mike !

Thanks for useful blog.

By By Roberto

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!

I have heard of what happend to Venice but this is the first time when I actually read the news. How can does people live knowing that every year their home is flod?
More soon!