Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Puppy Smuggling - The Answers

OK folks: here are the answers you have been waiting for!

1. The trade is worth € 300 million annually - that's $US 360 million.
2. About seventy thousand over the last five years. So that's about fourteen thousand a year.
3. Twenty-five per cent of puppies die during the journey, and fifty per cent within a few months of arrival.
4. They die because (a) they are taken from their mothers too early and (b) because they travel without having been vaccinated.
5. Those breeds: Shitzus, West Highland Terriers, Pugs and Beagles.
6. Those countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Some listeners didn't understand "Pugs": these are small dogs with flattened, bulldog or boxer faces, like pedigree Persian cats. You saw one at the very end of the video.

Watch the video again.

Honourable mentions to:-

Cristian, Roberto, Gianni Palma and Agostino

for getting the answers totally or partially right.

Thank you all very much for your participation. It is heartening to see such an enthusiastic response.

Coming soon: another listening idea for you. Watch this space.

- Mike

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