Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gomorra: the latest

Go straight to the BBC's 'Newsnight' programme on TV for the latest analysis of 'Gomorra'. There are scenes of Naples, Casal di Principe and Scampia, as well as interviews with Roberto Saviano and official crime fighters. Some of these speak excellent English. The programme lasts about fourteen minutes.

You can also see a panel of experts reviewing the movie, which has been put forward as an Oscar candidate. The speech is fast and occasionally confusing, so you may need to see it a couple of times. It's just under eight minutes long.

And keep coming back for more newsnight programmes.

Please don't forget to leave a comment after seeing either, or both, of these TV clips.
- Mike

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Alessandro Meliddo said...

Well, i have listened some fast dialogue, but i have understood the conversation, not all. I think that this theme is a big problem that into put in fist place the boys, that become big without control of parents, without respect of life, values. I hope that something will change.
I think that this activity is good for my training English.
Thank Mike