Thursday, November 13, 2008

Listening Site of the Week....

.... is the BBC Learning English "Words In The News", where you can both listen to and read a piece on Google Earth's Flu Tracking Facility. It's said that Google is now well in advance of medical science in predictions of how and where this major disease is spreading.

Other things....

House And Home

In Level 3B we have been learning how to describe homes, whether they are apartments or country houses. Discover more about people's homes in the Financial Times's 'House And Home' section. Read about Jeanne Augier, who entertained Chagall, Dali and L├ęger, among others, in her apartment in the Negresco Hotel in Nice. Or learn more about Lake Como. Can you name any famous people who live there? And why did Brian Harris move to New Zealand? This will interest all of you, whether or not you are in Level 3B.

Vocabulary Question: unable to and can't

What's the difference between these two expressions and how do you use them? The BBC Learning English site's 'Ask About English' section tells you the answer. I would very much like to read your comments on this Blog after you have read this piece.

Which brings me to....

Your Comments!

Honourable mentions go to these visitors who have left comments on the Tag Board since 4 November:

Alessandro, Gianni, Luisella, Matteo, Giovanni, Roberto, Daniele, Marilena, Ilaria, Pierpaolo, Ferdinando, Cecilia, Fabrizio, Rosaria and Andrea.

And finally here is a comment from Andrea of Level 3:

"May I give you a piece of advice? You might add to your blog some National Geographic channel podcasts about the "I didn't know that" program: these are short videos that shows funny and interesting experiments about every day objects and all the things we take for granted.Thanks for your work..."

Thanks very much for your idea, Andrea. I will explore the National Geographic and see if their podcasts are suitable for us.

More next week!

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The pie team said...

There's a level 2 podcast on our site that may go well with the House and Home theme: 2.13 Ideal homes. What makes a house a home?