Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Comments Flooding In!

This is maaaarvellous! Loads of people are leaving comments. Just to name a few recent names, they include:

Alessandra, Alessandro, Agostino, Anna, Nicola, Toni, Ambra, Giovanni, Benedetta, Filippo, Francesca Pagano, Iacopo and Andrea.

But that leaves a lot of people who haven't commented! Come in, all those of you out there!

Your comments suggest that the most popular sites are those that help you with your listening. So I have added a number of Podcast sites for you.

I will be adding more sites from the British Council List of Useful Web Sites for Students, which I distributed to some of you last week.

And don't forget to visit the BBC Learning English Web site at least three times a week. There are regular new listening exercises, none of which is very time consuming. Six Minute English is especially good, as is Words In The News.

More very soon.

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