Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog Reorganisation

Dear All,

Remember the List of Useful Sites that I distributed to some of you, some lessons ago? I have now put the best of these sites here on the Blog. So no more typing those long complex URLs.

As you scroll down, observe the list of sites in the right-hand column. I have added a new section for Dictionaries. In the Exams section, I have grouped IELTS and Cambridge together.

The Listening section has a couple of video sites added to it; there is an especially nice one from America, entitled "Nature". It has some spectacular footage and commentary about animals, including wolves and crocodiles.

To the 'Practising and Learning English' section, I have added a few sites offering games, quizzes and webquests. These are invaluable for motivating you to concentrate on English and learn new vocabulary.

Keep returning to the Listening sites, especially to the BBC, where there is always something new several times a week. This post US-Presidential Election period is an especially good time for you to perfect your English skills and get to know every aspect of this historical event.

Finally, whenever you visit a site, please do leave a comment. This is very important, and I am very pleased to see how many of you have done just that!

Not only can you leave comments. You can also make suggestions on what other sites you would like to see on this Blog. Do also make suggestions about the Blog itself - layout, content, whatever.

More very soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, in your blog there's a plenty of good and useful stuff! Unfortunately I don't have time to see everything. May I give you a piece of advice? You might add at your blog some National Geographic channel podcasts about the "I didn't know that" program: these are short videos that shows funny and interesting experiments about every day objects and all the things we take for granted.
Thanks for your work...

Andrea Asaro