Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Comments Received - Thank You

Hello everybody.

Many thanks to Stefano for his comments which have just come in (at 15.30 on Tuesday afternoon.) Stefano is right when he says that listening is much easier when accompanied by video. So when practising listening, start with video before you try sound-only.

Many thanks are also due to Alessandra, Rosaria and Livia for leaving comments on the Tag Board; and to Sara and Serena for leaving their comments at the bottom of the previous message.

Sara, I'd like to pass your comments on the
British Council China site to Andy Newton, who is in charge of this web site. The site is well worth further exploration.

Serena has obviously benefitted from the BBC web site. Again, this is a large site which is packed with resources for students.

Alessandra has been listening to the Russell Brand Radio Show. You may know that this show ran into some controversy recently, when Russell Brand allegedly left a series of "unacceptable and offensive" messages on the answering machine of actor Andrew Sachs, who starred in the comedy series "Fawlty Towers", about an eccentrically-run hotel somewhere in England. Click
here for further details of this controversy. You can also listen to a commentary about it on the BBC radio 4 'Today' programme.

Now I am going to add some websites to this Blog, taken from the leaflet I gave to some of you last week, "Useful Websites for Students". Check out the lists in the right-hand column.

I have just added four sites to the Listening section.

I'm very glad that people are now beginning to leave comments. It is essential to do this so that we can create an online community of learners and share our Cyberspace experiences. Please do continue!

More soon,

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