Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to September 2008 3B 10 Course

Hello everyone.

We have already seen this Blog in class. But I thought I would just remind you of the ways in which you can use Internet outside the classroom.

1. Listening. Look no further than the BBC's "Learning English" site. Visit the "News English" section first. Here, you can listen to recent news broadcasts and read the text, or transcript, at the same time.

Now, just below "News English", try the Crossword to test your vocabulary.

2. How words are used: revisit the Virtual Language Centre (as we did in Friday's lesson) to see how words are used. Type in "get", "gets" and "got" and find as many examples as you can of the different meanings of this apparently simple word.

That's almost all for now. Two more things: (1) - please do leave a "comment" on the tag board. The purpose of this is to show everyone that you have visited this Blog, and to share with us your opinions of the web sites you have seen.

And (2) - remember that to get the best from your English course, you should spend as much time outside the classroom in personal study as you spend with me inside the classroom.

Finally, scroll down the right-hand column of this blog and try out some of the Grammar links.

Have a good weekend and -


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