Wednesday, September 17, 2008

British Council Web Sites for You

Hello. Here are more sites to help you practise and learn English from the comfort of your office, bedroom or sofa.

English Online: this British Council site comes to you from China. Hover your mouse cursor over the words in the menu at the bottom of the black banner that runs across the top of the page. There's plenty of material for you here. Try clicking "Learners", then "Listening" or "Vocab and Grammar". Under "Community", check out the Blogs.

And you'll learn about China at the same time. Write one interesting new fact you learned on our message tag Board. Or write a Comment at the bottom of this message.

Learn English Professionals: this is from the British Council London. Aimed at business people, lawyers, doctors, bankers, accountants and similar, there is a wide variety of exercises for you. Look at the middle of the front page and try Listening Practice.

You used to need a password to enter the site; now, access is completely open.

Go4English: there is a spicy Middle Eastern flavour to this British Council site which is designed for Arabic speakers. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can switch the language of the site to Arabic or Farsi (Persian). However I suggest that you stick to English for the moment. Listen to Ruba Saqer, a Jordanian musician, describing her experiences of learning English. Remember, it is very important to get used to a wide variety of accents and styles of speaking.

The "Ask and Answer" section contains valuable hints and tips about English Grammar. This week, learn more about modal verbs such as "used", "must" and "had to".

You'll learn something about Middle Eastern culture too. Write one or two new facts you learned on our Tag Board or in the Comments section.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow!

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