Thursday, June 26, 2008

Word Search Exercises; English Online; Friday Blog

A. Word search:

Do a concordancer search for:

1. "Just" - how many meanings can you find?
2. "On top of" or "on the top of"? Do they mean exactly the same thing?

B. English Online:

Here is a British Council site from China, where the British Council has a large teaching operation to satisfy rising demand in China. As a result, this site is rich in listening, reading and grammar exercises.
Click here to continue.

Try the "Big City Small World Audio Soap". How much can you understand?
Look at "Word of the day" for new vocabulary. What is today's word, and what does it mean?

C. The Friday Blog was inaccessible today so I have not been able to solve the problems that some of you have had. I am on the case, however.

More soon!

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