Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's Out..... !

... but the Blog is still here. Although our courses are now over, that hopefully doesn't mean the end of all contact between us.

So from time to time I will add further messages with recommendations on how to make the most of the Web so that you can continue to practise your English. That way, when you next come to us, whether next week, next month or in September or October, you will have kept up your contact with the language.

First on the list will be recommended Listening sites. Many people have said they would like more listening. So I will be giving you new materials to try. Please also, however, use the existing links down the right-hand column of this Blog.

It's very important for you to give your own contribution. If you discover a useful Web site, whether practising Listening or another skill, do please tell us about it. Either leave a comment, or write on our Tag Board.

More very soon!


matilde said...

thank you for your advices! I will make some visits in english web sites this summer!when is the date of dinner for end-of-school?sorry for mistakes.. :( matilde

Michael said...

Hi Matilda! I think we are meeting on Monday evening. I hope I have understood this correctly.

I often chat with Richard, Giuseppe and Giorgia on MSN. come and join us. My MSN ID is

c u soon,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike for your unconditioned aid!!
Alessia-your winter ex student