Friday, June 13, 2008

Listenings and Blogs

Here is the latest listening from the BBC Learning English web site:

The Truck Drivers' Strike

And here you can listen to an older piece about Boris Johnson becoming Mayor of London. Note that with this piece, you can download the MP3 file and save it to your i-Pod. That way, you can listen as many times as you like, wherever you like.

Just right-click on the download icon and choose "Save Target As.." to save the MP3 file to wherever you like on your computer.

Finally, for the moment, there's Six Minute English. Today's discussion is on 'dieting'. Is dieting helpful if you want to lose weight? And what is a 'low-carb diet'?

As always, let us all know how you enjoyed these listenings by posting a comment in the comments section or on the Tag Board.

Have a good weekend!

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