Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More on researching into English

For Level Four - but also for anyone interested.

Want to see what expressions are associated with the word "time"? (See in our book, page 28, #3 Build Your Vocabulary, Expressions with time.)
1. Fire up the British National Corpus.

2. Tell it to search for the word "time" in any form - "time", "times", "timing" etc.

3. Tell it to display any associated nouns up to two words either side of the keyword "time". See illustration below.

WORDS: [time] in square brackets tells the computer to search for any form of the word "time".

CONTEXT: [n*] tells the site to search for nouns two words to the left and two words to the right of "time".

Now we click "SEARCH" to get the results:

There is no room to display the full width of the results window. But you get the idea. Click on any of the words displayed to see how they relate to "time".
Or, check one or more of the words and then click on CONTEXT. Then you can compare them together.
Now try searching again, but this time, in the CONTEXT window, type [aj*] to find adjectives associated with time.
But remember. This kind of exercise is no substitute for regular reading!
Please, after trying out the experiments above, do leave your comments on the Tag Board.
See you next lesson!

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