Friday, May 16, 2008

Listening and Video


First of all, many thanks to Silvia and Alessia for their kind observations on the Tag Board. This is the way to create an online community of learners among us. Whether you are a current student, an ex-student or a casual visitor, you're most welcome to this Blog.

Did you manage to watch Miss Marple on RAI Edu this week? (See the previous posting.) I watched it on Wednesady evening from 22.30 to 23.20. Just fifty minutes of your time, and an excellent opportunity to practise your video comprehension skills. Check the schedules to see what is on this week. If you missed it you can see it tonight and on Sunday at 22.30.

Now for the latest opportunities to practise listening to the radio. Check out "Learning English" on the BBC World Service, and this week's "Words In The News": the first UK aid plane lands in Burma.

Next, try "6 Minute English". Are you as intelligent as you think? Studies show that men are more likely to overestimate their own intelligence than women. And what does the Latin verb "intelligere" mean? There's also a fine portrait of the British actor Ricky Gervais of "The Office" series.

Listen and watch, and as always, post your reactions to the Tag Board.

More soon!

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