Monday, April 21, 2008

TagBoard Changes

Hello all.
As a result of excessive spam on the Tag Board, I am going to remove it and replace it with a new one.

Here is what you have been saying on the old Tag Board:

silvia: hi mike! Hi keep on doing listening and writing exercises, I hope to improve quickly.bye
Mike: Thanks Vance! That's wonderful.
Vance: Hi everyone. I'm chatting with Michael in Skype right now and he's showing me his Tagboard. I thought I'd try it. (Note: Vance is a teacher in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and is an expert on the use of Internet in education. Click on his name, and check out his Blog.)
Mike: Maria Paola: there is very little difference between "what about..?" and How about..?" in informal parlance. They both introduce proposals or suggestions.
Mike: Thanks very much for your comments, Anna. Keep listening, even if it pains you!
anna: Hi Mike, I listened to bbcnews. It pains me to see the international comments about Italy's elections. Sob!
Maria Paola: Hi mike what is the difference between "what about..." and "How about..." in informal talks ?? Thanks
Mike: Glad to be of help, Maria-Paola! All suggestions most welcome.
Maria Paola: Hi Mike...thanks for your website...I'm using it more now than when I had lessons with you!...It means you did a good job because you left me the curiosity...
Mike: Excellent Silvia. We may have time to do a quick exercise during the lesson.
Silvia: Hi mike, I have just given a look to watching and listening exercices by bbc,I have found it very useful
giuseppe: See you Friday
anna: Hi Mike, I listened to the broadcast on Radio4.I found it quit difficult, but very interesting the theory of the "soft power". See you tomorrow.

It has been very encouraging to see everyone communicating through the Tag Board. However I now have to check the Board 3 or 4 times a day in order to remove unwanted messages, some of which are of a very dubious nature.

So I am installing a replacement board. We will see how well it works. Wish us all luck - and keep your comments coming in!


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