Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Listening Practice

Listening and speaking practice are two of the most important problems cited by students.

For both, regular practice is vital. I recommend a practice listening session at least three times a week. This could take the form of listening and doing an associated exercise, or simply listening and trying to understand the basic meaning. Never worry about not being able to understand every word.

For practice and exercises, look down the right-hand column of this Blog for the Listening Sites. This is best if you are an elementary or pre-intermediate listener. Try the first three sites listed there.

Advanced learners should explore the BBC web site. There are huge resources here. "
Words In The News" should be your first stop.

With more experience, you could then try
BBC News. Try all the links to watching and listening. Your first link should be "Watch One minute world news". Then, further down the page, there is a section marked "Video and Audio News" - click here to get straight to it. This opens a page full of opportunities for you to listen and watch.

I suggest you try watching first, then listening.

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- Mike

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