Friday, March 28, 2008

Tag Board Restored

Dear All,

As you see I have now restored the Tag Board, which you will see on the right. Do continue to leave messages and comments there.

Of course I'll be checking it as often as possible to remove unwanted messages.

More very soon,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Level One: Listening Practice

Dear Level One Students:

I hope you all had a good Easter holiday. I look forward to seeing you again on Saturday.

Here is a Web site to help you practise and develop your listening ability.

It's called "Real English Online". When you click on the "Go to Real English Listening" link below, a new window will open. In it, you will see a series of lessons, each one with two small pictures below it.

Example: Lesson 1: "Hi! How are you?". Below this title, there are two pictures. Click on the top picture to watch and listen without seeing the dialogue in writing (subtitles). Click on the bottom picture to watch and listen with the subtitles - below where it says "With Closed Captions".

I suggest that you go through lessons 1, 2 and 5 quickly.

Then try Lessons 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3 to revise Spelling.

When you have finished please do leave a comment (click the link below this message) and tell everybody what you thought of these exercises.

Now click here:
Go to Real English Online Listening Practice (opens in a new window).

Good luck!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tag Board Temporarily Removed

Dear All,

I have temporarily removed the tag board because during the upcoming holiday it will be impossible to check it for the Spam that has been accumulating there.

Meanwhile you can leave your comments - indeed I urge you to do so - by clicking on the "Comments" link at the end of this message. I suggest you choose the "Name/URL" option. Just add your name, not your e-mail address. If you choose "Anonymous" please do write your name at the end of your message.

I'll post another message about suggested homework.

Lessons start again from 26 March. See you then!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Your Comments on the Tag Board

Dear All,

Here are some of the comments I have seen recently on the Tag Board:

Cristina: Hi everybody! I found the website very useful, and now I'm doing some listening..the most difficult thing is the American accent!!See you tomorrow

silvia: hi Mike! I am listening to an easy listening exercise from Randall's...I am improving...bye

Floriana: Thank you Daniele for the tips. The BBC podcasts are really helpful! Have a nice day...

Daniele: Hi Mike! This website is very useful and interesting l!! In my opinion, another way to improve our listening skills is to download bbc podcasts using i-tunes!! See you tomorrow!

Francesca: Hi Mike!!I tried to listen to something from BBC's Learning English site.I've understood the meaning of each news, but not the single words!!maybe because they speak too fast!..bye

Anna: Hi Mike, thanks for the blog! It's full of advices and useful links. Very interesting is the BBC site in the page called "keep english up to date", just to a take a look on language evolution.

Floriana: Hi, Mike! I'm writing for the first time in your blog! I'd like to say hello to you and to each level 5A student attending the saturday classes in Rome! See you soon!

These are very encouraging comments. Also I see that you are using the Tag Board to communicate with each other:

Daniele: Hi there! Could you help me telling me which exercises I have to do for next Saturday (course 5A in Rome) ? Thanks!

Anna: Hi Daniele, do the exercises in pp 20, 22 and 23.Then it was suggested to read on a regular basis: news, report, books...whatever! Bye,a

This is also very encouraging! I am delighted to see people interacting with each other as well as with the site. This is the Internet at some of its best.

However, the Tag Board unfortunately attracts some Spam, some of it of a mildly unpleasant nature. I can keep this under control by means of daily checks and removal of the offending comments. But during the Easter holidays (16 th to 25th March) this will be impossible. So I propose to remove the Tag Board for the duration of the holidays.

You will of course be able to leave comments in the traditional way - at the end of this message. I will post further instructions later today.

More very soon,