Thursday, February 21, 2008

Upper-Intermediate Levels 4 and 5: Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs

We have recently been talking about phrasal verbs and how one verb, such as "put" or "get", can have many different meanings according to the preposition, or particle, which follows it.

One way to collect phrasal verbs is through extensive reading. Since phrasal verbs are often found in informal language, popular newspapers and magazines are a good source.

The Daily Mail as an example. Read as many news articles as you can and find some phrasal verbs.

A more precise and focussed method is to use the Hong Kong Poytechnic's
Virtual Language Centre. Click on "Web Concordancer". Then click on "Associated Words" under English. Set "Keyword string Starts With" and then type "get" in the window.

In the "Associated Word" window, type "on". Click the radio button for "Find to the right of the keyword only".

Select a corpus: I recommend The Times newspaper.

Now click "Search for concordances". In the list that follows, find as many meanings of "get(s)(ting) on" as you can.

Try again with another verb. How about "put on"?

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