Thursday, January 24, 2008

Testing Times: levels 3 and 4

It's that time of year again: mid- or end-of-course tests. Today's posting points you to ways in which you can revise those difficult grammar and vocabulary points beofre you do the test.

The first place to go is the English File group of web sites, also listed on this Blog down the right-hand column under Web sites for New English File (NEW!!) (now not quite so new.)

Right now I am giving advice to levels 3 and 4. I plan to help Levels 1 and 2 very soon - today if I can.

Level 3:
Start with English File Intermediate - File 6. Try all the exercises, from Lesson A Reported Statements and Questions (1) to Lesson C relative clauses: defining and non-defining (2).

Then go back through the previous files, at least to file 4.

In the revision scedule I gave you, some topics such as "used to" are not specifically listed in the book. No problem. Just go to the British Council's Learn English Central site and study the rules and examples.

For other grammar problems such as Verbs and Prepositions or Adjectives and Prepositions, try the main grammar page of the British Council's 'Learn English Central' - though it does not cover every topic. Or you could try these links:

Verbs and Prepositions on

Prepositions Test on the site.

Also, try the site. From the main site, you can search on anything for which you need further information.

The Online English Grammar site provides a comprehensive index of grammar topics. You can also use the search facility.

Level 4

Try this presentation of gerunds and infinitives on helps you decide which to use: a gerund ("---ing") or an infinitive.

There is a lot more material on You can search the site - just scroll down to the bottom. This takes you to the Englishpage Forums. A search on "Relative Clauses" gets you this:

Relative Clauses Forum

You might also like to see Reporting Verbs on the British Council Learn English site.

On the English File Upper-Intermediate site, go to Grammar and download the various PDF files you will find there. Save them to your computer and read through them.

The Online English Grammar site provides a comprehensive index of grammar topics. Have a look at Relative Clauses and Reporting Verbs. You can also use the search facility.

Next: Levels One and Two!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,
I would like to thank you very much for the link you suggested us. I am trying to complete some exercises with gerunds and infinitives and I am finding them really helpful! Thank you! Rossella 4b saturday course

Francesca said...

Hi Mike
I'm Francesca from 3B class... and I'm still alive!
I'm trying to finish all the old homeworks... see you this evening.