Friday, January 25, 2008

Level 2: Revision for Test

To all students in level 2:

Here is a short guide to some of the Internet sites that you could use to revise grammar for next week's test:

1. The English File Pre-Intermediate Web Site. Visit this site for

- opposite adjectives - try the word search game
- the body
- clothes
- Practical and Social English
- all Grammar in files 1, 2, 3 and 4

2. for Comparative and Superlative adjectives.
Explore EnglishClub to find other grammar explanations.

3. The Online English Grammar for:

Adjectives. This link is to the main menu. From here, look at all the topics connected with adjectives, including
- comparatives and superlatives.
- Comparatives ""

- the future forms of verbs
- the present simple and continuous
- the past simple
- an introduction to the present perfect
- the present perfect with "yet", "never", "ever", "already"
- contrasting present perfect with past simple

relative clauses:
- introduction to relative clauses
- non-defining relative clauses
- defining relative clauses

4. Go to the British Council's Learn English site for more on the past simple and pronunciation of "ed" in the past simple of regular verbs.

Do use the links in the right-hand column of this Blog, in conjunction with the Test and Revision Programme that I have given you.

I hope this helps. Please do leave a comment - either in this message or on the Tag Board.

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