Thursday, December 20, 2007

For level 4: Animals and Ecology

Here's something for everybody but especially level 4 with whom we have studied Chimpanzees: a blog by Mr Lopes, a student from Portugal:

It's a general ecology blog. Have a look and leave a comment.

I am glad to see that people are using the new Comments window.

Can anyone answer Giacomo's latest questions?

More soon,


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

Unfortunately in my office I cannot see the part related to the blog, it is filterd from my company because my organization's Internet use policy restricts access to the web page. :(
Therefore, I will leave my comments as always in the part dedicated to the comments.
With Kind Regards,

Michael said...

Sorry to hear that, Rossella. But please do whatever you can to visit the Blog, try the sites it is linked to, and leave comments. How about using your home computer? Can you access the Blog?

Kind regards