Friday, November 09, 2007

Changes to the Right-Hand Column

Dear all,

I have made a few changes to the list of sites in the right-hand column.

To make it easier for you to choose a useful site, I have divided the sites up into various categories. I have added more categories and the newest is the list of English File sites at the top of the column.

Please do all use these sites and, very importantly, send a comment!

Why? Comments help us form a community of learners. And your comments tell everyone else which sites are most useful - and which are not.

How would we ever have found out about "Phrases and Meanings" (Rossella, class 4B on Saturdays) or "WordReference.Com" (Alfredo, class 4B on Tues/Thurs) without their respective comments?

You've been very good so far but you could be better!. Please keep those comments coming!

Very soon, I'll be giving you more recommendations. Watch this space!



Alicia Rey said...

A great site for efl practice is http// - registratio is free and the set of activities for general practice (different levels) is extraordinary.

And , of course, my blog is also interesting ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

this week I would like to suggest you a website...
it is a good and helpful website, you can do some quizzes to check your understanding...
What do you think about????
Bye bye,
Rossella 4bsat