Friday, October 19, 2007

Web Sites for You

On this Blog, look at the right-hand part of this window.

You'll see a list of links. They will take you to sites that you may find useful for your English.

Some of them are sites I have found; others have been found by colleagues.

Please try as many of these sites as you can, especially the listening sites.

And every time you have finished visiting a site, send a comment here. It's very helpful for your fellow students.

And if you find a useful site, we all want to know.

So just send your recommendation in a comment to the most recent posting on this Blog.

Meanwhile, in the next few weeks I'll try to organise the links so that you can easily find what you are looking for.


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic blog Michael !!!
It will be very usefull for everybody . . .

EDOARDO 18years old , Rome(Italy)

Anonymous said...

I found your adviced links very helpful for me. thanks. I already knew BBC leaning English site, but ELLO and Randall's site are more useful for my listening. there are tests on comprehension. that's good!!

thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

On Saturday I was sick therefore I was absent at the course. Could you please tell me which were the focus of the discuss? Did you give some homework for next saturday? Thank you very much and Kind Regards, Rossella (4B course).

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike I'd like to suggest this very interesting website made by a friend of mine.

See you tomorrow

Francesca - Class 3B

Mike said...

Hello All!

Thanks very much for your comments.
Francesca, thanks very much indeed for your friend's web site. It is indeed interesting and professional-looking. Congratulations to your friend.

To my Level 4 students: this evening we'll try another radio listening.

More soon,

Alfredo said...

hi mike,
I'm increasing web site link, suggesting
I think it's a very useful...
see you on thursday
alfredo (4b)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike, this evening I studied faour hours: the lesson we had to study - why the men don't iron - was very long and required a great attention. See you tomorrow - oh, this evening - and so we can exchange our views about tho soirée cinema.
by by carlo (4b)

Michael said...

Thanks very much for all your comments. I am about to prepare a radio listening exercise for tonight. It may be a little more difficult! We will see.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Could you please be so kind giving me the homework you gave last Saturday for 4b course?

Thank you very much!

Mike said...


Homework for the 4B Saturday course was:

Students' Book Pages 60-61 Reading: "Why Men Don't Iron", the exercises in parts 1 and 2, especially part 2, metching the paragraph headers to the text.

Also, if you have time, pgae 62 column 1, plus the practice. The grammar is "wish" + past simple or past perfect; "would" + infinitive.

I hope this helps,


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael, for this website! I think it will be very helpful for me. I like the choice of links, especially the BBC one and the additional exercises.
See you later
Cristina (3b)