Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To All New Students in October 2007.

Hello and welcome to the British Council.

Welcome also to the Rome English Blog. OK, it is not Beppe Grillo's Blog, but it is a place where you can find Web resources which can help you learn and practise your English.

We can begin with the site associated with our classroom book: "English File". Different levels are using different versions of English File. Here is a summary:

S1SAT10 - Level 1: English File Elementary

S2TTH18 and S2WF18 - Level 2: English File Pre-Intermediate

3BWF18 - Level 3: English File New Intermediate

4BTTH19 - Level 4: English File Upper-Intermediate

If you are in Levels One, Two and Three, can I suggest this:

Try the Grammar and Vocabulary exercises for the file that we are in now. For levels One and Two, this is File One. For level Three, this is File Four.

If you're in level 4, the 4B class, then you can download the File Four Grammar Reference document which is in Adobe PDF format. At the same time, download the Grammar Key document.

Four Level Four, I will try to find something more stimulating on the Net. Meanwhile, all Level Four students should visit the British Council Hub, read the articles and if possible join in the discussions. You need to be a member: ask me about this.

I would like everyone to leave a comment. This is most important. Comments help us become an online community. Your comments also give me valuable feedback. And if you have a query or a problem, you can get help from your classmates as well as from me.

It is very easy to leave a comment. Simply click where it says 0 comment(s) - or 1, 2, 3 or more comments. A new window opens. Write your text in the window. Type in the "Word Verification" letters you will see on your screen.

Then choose your identity. You do not need to be a member of Blogger to leave a comment, but if you are, then you're welcome to send a comment as a member of Blogger.

If you are not a member, then no problem: simply choose "Other"/"Altro" and enter your name and Web site if you have one. Or you can cghoose "Anonymous", but please... if you do so, do leave your name at the end of your message.

Then click "Publish". Your comment will appear almost immediately.

Good luck, and enjoy the Blog.

- Mike


giacomo said...

thank you for your advice about File Four Grammar Reference doc, but I wasn't able to find it!
maybe did you mean this page ?


Michael said...

Hi Giacomo. Yes, I probably did mean this page. But the page I referred to is the top-level page, whcih also takes you to the Active Word List and to Pronunciation Practice. This last page could be very good if you are in doubt about how to pronounce certain sounds. Some people have problems distinguishing between "or" as in "bought" and "oh" as in "cold" or "phone".

I recommend the simple exercises offered here.

See you all soon!

Francesca - class 3B said...

Hi Mike
I don't remember if you told us to read also page 54 on the green book.
I'll be waiting for your answer.

Mike said...

Hi Francesca. I will check it out at work tomorrow and get back to you.

It is 01.09 now... time to close down!


Michael said...

Hello Francesca!

No, I did not ask you to do page 54. We'll talk about it in today's lesson.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi mike, how are you? Did you spend a nice week end? I hope so. Unfortunately I don't have a fast connection, o I can't make use of the links that you suggested. A question: where can I find the File Four Grammar Reference to download?

Thank you
See you tomorrow

Alessia course 4BTTH19