Thursday, October 25, 2007

Latest comments

Dear All,

Thanks very much indeed for all your comments, beginning with an enthusiastic comment from Edoardo in class 3BWF19, and ending with Carlo's (4BTTH19) revelation that he studied the text on "Why Men Don't Iron" for four hours. That is real dedication and encouragement for us all.

Alfredo (4BTTH19) has given us a very useful link indeed: to, an online dictionary between English and Spanish, English and Italian, English and French, and definitions in English only.

And now something for class 3BWF19: (but you might all be interested)
Remember last lesson we looked at a TV series, "That'll Teach 'Em", about an experiment in which 30 modern 16-year-olds spent a month in a 1950s British boarding school? Well, here are two links to the series:

Channel 4 - "That'll Teach 'Em"

"That'll Teach 'Em" Fan Site

We might see a video on education in Britain next lesson.

My next job: to reorganise the lists of links in the right-hand column. I'll do this as soon as I can.

More soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alfredo,

The website you suggested us is really interesting and useful! You can also listen the pronunciation of the words! Really good, thank you very much! Rossella 4b course

Anonymous said...

Yes, is really helpful. If you use firefox broswer, you could also use a shortcut on browser like google, so you don't need to surf on page, but just type a word in box.

giacomo 4b

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Could you please give me the homework you gave yesterday for 3B course?

Thank you
Francesca 3B cours

Mike said...

Hi Francesca - and anyone else from 3BWF18:

Homework was:

1. Page 56: Consider how you would answer the five questions.

2. Page 57: #1. Grammar, especially (b), (c) and (d) - Grammar Bank 4B.

The rest of page 57, we will do in class on Friday.

I hope this helps,

Alfredo said...

Hi. I'm happy to be worthwhile.
I always use wordreference for my job.

Carlo, I didn't read the book you spoke about but I presented it to my girlfriend. She make a fool of me because I have to turn off the radio to park the car...
However, I agree with that theory: men and women are different...

Anonymous said...


I would like to suggest you a website really simply to use but also really funny and useful.
You can find the meanings of the phrases, you can play with quiz, see the proverbs....
This is the link:
I hope this could help!!!
Rossella 4b course

Anonymous said...

I was watching this site about words, but i have a problem: my pc in the ofice hasn't audio-software, so for me it's impossible to hear the voice! i'll try from home, with my serious pc!!
Have a nice wee end,
sara (4b)