Friday, October 12, 2007

All About Clothes

This is for class 4BTTH19, but may be of interest to lots of other people.

You will remember that in our lesson we were on pages 55-56 in "English File Upper-Intermediate", collecting vocabulary associated with clothes.

Here's a useful site for you, which I also wrote on the whiteboard at the end of the lesson:

Boden UK Online Clothes Shop and Mail Order Clothing Catalogue

Here's what you can do:

In the left-hand column, click on "Women" or "Men".

Then click on any of the images under "Johnny's favourite" (Johnny Boden is the founder of the company.)

Collect as much vocabulary as you can: names of garments, materials, colours, patterns and styles.

Then leave a comment and tell everybody what you have discovered.

Two sample questions in the "Men" category:

(1) Find a gilet. What is is product number? What colour is it?
(2) Find a pair of needlecord jeans. What colour are they? How much do they cost?

Special commendation to the first student who tells us the right answers in a comment!

See you next week,

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

As far as it concerns the gilet , the product number is ME024 and the colour that I can see into the picture is red (Please note that you can choose also between dark brown and nay).

Concerning the needlecord jeans, the colour that I can see into the picture is camel (Please note that you can choose also among marine, dark brown and olive.
The price is equal to £ 39.00.

See you on Saturday!

Rossella (4b course)

Anonymous said...

hi mike, I agree with Rossella:The first gilet that appears is plane red, the product number is ME024-product code e.g.WL213CRM12.
I found a pair of brown needlecord jeans that cost £ 39.00.

alessia ( class 4BTTH19 )

Anonymous said...

I think the site of clothes that you suggested is truly complete and exaustive.It is an exxellent instrument to learn these particular nouns and adjectives

Alessia (CLASS 4BTTH19)

Anonymous said...

maybe I'm on late to answer.
I saw the the clothes on the catalogue. I'm agree with Rossella about the price and other thihgs but I didn't understand the material which the red gilet is made of.
see you on thurday

Mike said...

I'm very glad to see people leaving comments. I agree with Alessia that Boden is an exhaustive site. Why don't you bring a list of new clothes vocabulary to next lesson?