Friday, September 14, 2007

Welcome to September Class 2A


We have almost finished the first week of lessons. I am about to create a Home Page for our class on The MetroZine.

Meanwhile, take time to discover how the Internet can help you with your English.

Your number 1 site must be
The English File Pre-Intermediate site. This site will open in a new window when you click on the link.

From File 1 (the first unit) try some Grammar Exercises.
Then try some Vocabulary exercises.

See how much you can remember from the lessons!

When you have finished, please leave a comment. I will show you how to do this next lesson.

Enjoy your studies.

- Mike.


Anonymous said...

Hi michael,
I have proved to write before, but the message don't appears in the blog....

I don't know why

see you later


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael!

Now it's Ok



Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I think that the blog is very interesting.I have found many information about grammar and pronunciation and so on...I have visited also the English P-I site and I have played to crossword and games.I enjoy to study English playing.

See you later.


Michael said...

Many thanks to those of you who have left comments: Arianna and Daniela.

But where is everyone else??

Come on, leave a comment!

- Mike