Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Harry Benson Photographs

Dear All,

Following Unit 2B in our book, about Harry Benson and his photographs, here is the link to
The Digital Journalist.

Visit the site and see what actions are described. What verbs are used? Have you learned any new vocabulary?

Please do send a Comment when you have finished visiting the site.

How do I send a comment?
Easy!! (1) - Click on "Comments". (2) Write your comment. (3) Choose "Other" or "Anonymous". (4) If you chose "Other" (or "Altro"), enter your name in the space provided. (5) If you chose "Anonymous", please do put your name in the text of your comments. (6) Copy the letters you see on the screen into the "Word Verification" window. This prevents spamming and robot computers from sending comments. (7) Click "Publish your comment".

More soon,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I saw all pictures of Benson in the website,
some of these are very shocking,
for example "John Mitchell and Lawyers, New York City, 1974" or "University of Maryland Hospital Shock Trauma Unit, Baltimore, 1980 ", and other are very poetic like Ronald Regan and his wife...

Now I begin to do the exercises.

see you later